Our Process Is Fast, Fun and Easy

From helping you pick out the perfect stone to installing your new countertop, Brichacek Stone is standing by to assist you from start to finish. Our process is fast, fun and easy, so you can begin enjoying your beautiful new countertop as soon as possible!

Phase One: Planning

Before you come to visit us, it will be helpful if you measure the dimensions of the surface you would like to receive a new countertop. You can easily do this with the aid of our Project Design Page. Just print out a sheet and begin recording your measurements.

Don’t worry too much about accuracy during this preliminary phase. We’ll come in to take the definitive measurements before we begin cutting your stone!

In addition to your measurements, it will be helpful if you provide samples or photos of your paint color, cabinets, backsplashes and flooring. With this little information we’ll be able to make great recommendations for your new countertop.

Phase Two: Production

We utilize state-of-the-art laser technology to take measurements. After a very brief visit to your home or place of work, we’ll have the precise measurements we need to create your custom countertop. Our production equipment utilizes laser templating, computerized saws and edgers, and the various other apparatus requisite for cutting and polishing countertops of all dimensions.

Phase Three: Installation

Within two to three weeks of taking our measurements, we will have finished creating your custom countertop. Installing your countertop takes very little time – we’ll be in and out in a heartbeat to minimize any intrusion.

Phase Four: Satisfaction

We won’t disappear as soon as we have installed your countertop. If you have any questions or concerns following installation, please don’t hesitate to call or return to our showroom. Your complete satisfaction with our work is of the utmost importance to our team!

To receive the most accurate estimate for our work, please follow these five easy steps:

Step 1

Print out our Project Drawing Sheet

Step 2

Measure the length and width of the surface (including the overhang ) to the nearest half-inch

Step 3

Indicate on the Project Drawing Sheet where the walls are located, as well as which walls have (or will have) a stone backsplash

Step 4

Draw and label the location of the sink(s)

Step 5

5. Draw and label the location of the stove

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